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From the Salt Lake Tribune 1/25/2012  story by Cathy McKitrick. photos by Al Hartmann:

For Utah’s successful networkers, it’s business AND personal

“The best fit has to do with attitudes — an acceptance and willingness to do it the BNI way,” said Gary Birdsall, executive director of Utah BNI.

The road to BNI membership resembles that of a job seeker — with the exception of the $365 in annual dues that BNI members pay. Hopefuls submit applications, have their references checked and undergo rigorous interviews. Unlike chambers of commerce, each BNI chapter allows only one member from any given business category to join. Once in, members can be ousted for missing meetings or passing bad referrals. Absences are only allowed if members send a proxy in their place.

Basically BNI’s networking model boils down to three steps: know, like and trust.