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Business Card Boards

Jared Rasmussen - Brownies Locksmith - Business Card Board    Business Card Board - TN

Here are the prices for the BNI Business Card Boards.

24 cards    $ 65
30 cards    $ 75
36 cards    $ 80
42 cards    $ 105
48 cards    $ 115
54 cards    $130
60 cards    $150

There is a small shipping charge added to this.

If we can determine a total cumulative order, it will save on the freight cost. There is no sales tax because they are shipped to Utah.

Please see the attached photos. One of them does not have the website and the contact information on the bottom. I was only for display purposes.

The ones that we can order for you actually include on the bottom: "For More Information go to or call 801-613-7755".

These are phenomenal and they are a great tool for the chapters to use. As we discussed, these are very effective and create all sorts of referrals, conversations to generate referrals, introductions and visitors.

Please have a focused discussion on who all in your BNI Chapter would want one and let us know.

Most chapters just pay for these out of the chapter Kitty. When chapters want multiple boards where members place them in their business, the members just pitch in and divide the cost and it is very minimal.

This will yield great results for your members.

Call 801-613-7755 or email

Chapter Goal Boards


Chapter Goal Boards are used to display the chapters goals, progress towards the goals and the Top Wanted Professions.

Locally this can be purchased from Keep It Marketing, call John or Sherry Taylor at (801) 943-9724 or email: with customization to make it yours.

Other sign companies can build these board, we do ask the they abide by the BNI Branding Standards for logo and colors.